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Navy Island Rum

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Navy Island is a small tropical island off the coast of Port Antonio, Jamaica. It is the home of the British Royal Navy in the 18th century. The rich history and the exquisite location of Navy Island inspired the brand of this fine Jamaican rum from the Navy Island Rum Company, a registered firm in The Netherlands.
The Navy Island products are blends from carefully selected rums of various ages. All the rums are small-batch distilled in Jamaican pot stills.
There are two products:
1) Navy Island XO Reserve, 40% abv
2) Navy Island Navy Strength, 57% abv
The Navy Island XO Reserve is bottled for a full-bodied experience. while the Navy Island Navy Strength is bottled for its intense flavours. Both of them offers different experiences to rum drinkers due to the intensity. All Navy Island rum products are blends of 100% natural rums. No sugars and other additives are added in these rums. 
1731 Fine & Rare is a premium collection from the Navy Island Rum Company. 1731 is not just a brand name, but a representation of fine rums from the past. 1731 was the year marked by history books in which the British Royal Navy started offered a half-pint of rum as part of their sailor’s wages. As a result, rum became an integral part of the Caribbean’s and South America’s history for hundreds of years to follow.
This unique collection stands for a range of rums from the Caribbean and South America. Each rum has a distinctive character that speaks volumes about its location. The 1731 collection proudly boast their natural colours and flavours with no additives added.
INTERCO-MLE and SPIRITS CASTLE are proud to be the main distributor for Navy Island and 1732 Fine & Rare in Singapore.
Address Postbus 58418, 1040 HK Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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