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INTERCO-MLE was set up in Aug 2018 by Jeremiah Kee who left the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) after more than 12 years in service. As of many whisky drinkers, in his earlier days of drinking, he was introduced mainly to the Original Bottling from distilleries such as Macallan, Glenfiddich, Suntory etc. Only about 4 years ago that he started to explore the unique realm of Independent Bottling with his first purchase of a Japanese Single Malt Whisky from Karuizawa distillery bottled by La Maison du Whisky and that started his journey with IBs (note: he still enjoys what the OBs have to offer). In the recent years, Singapore has seen an increased in the number of whisky bars and also an increase in the offering of different distilleries in the bars. Thus, the business aims to introduce more interesting Independent Bottling (mainly whisky and rum) into the already sophisticated spirits scene in Singapore. Also, Interco-MLE will offer samples of unique, rare and old bottles (regardless OB or IB) for customers to enjoy at reasonable prices.
INTERCO is an abbreviation of the “International Code of Signals”. It is an international system of signals and codes used by vessels out at sea to communicate important messages regarding safety of navigation and persons and related matters, especially when language difficulties arise. “MLE” is decoded to mean “The Patient has had too much Alcohol”.
INTERCO-MLE is proud to be the main distributor for Blackadder International in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia (for Malaysia and Indonesia, there are currently no concrete plans). The main focus will be to build the brand in Singapore before expanding regionally.
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