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Nina Tan

Nina Tan

Nina is the Managing Director of Business Intelligence and 8nalytics Pte Ltd, a business advisory and corporate training organization that focuses on helping businesses expand regionally. She teaches on the topic of "Leading Entrepreneurial New Ventures to Growth" in SMU. In addition, she conducts corporate training and coaching sessions regularly in MNCs and Fortune 500 entities on subjects such as leadership, strategic thinking, business intelligence and boardroom presentations in North Asia.

She is currently appointed by Enterprise Singapore and SBACC as a business advisor and a skills future mentor to SMEs in Singapore. Her areas of expertise encompass business analytics, finance, human resource and productivity capabilities.

Nina is a serial entrepreneur who had successfully groomed start-ups, which included her own stint in construction chemicals business that spans US and Asia Pacific, which she subsequently sold off to formidable Global industry player Sika. She shares her experience regularly at business training workshops with Business Chambers such as ASME, SCCCI and SMF.

Prior to being an entrepreneur, Nina held CFO positions for 12 years cumulatively in Maritime Jurong Port, Asia Renal Healthcare SEA and ICS Inc., helping the respective entities in expanding their footprint in Asia. Nina was awarded the best Art of War CFO by Sun Tzu Art of War Institute in Y2016. She was also the Regional Finance Director for 6 years in Multi-National Corporations BASF Degussa Asia Pacific with an additional 7 years in Singapore Technology Telecommunications. She championed the successful merger of trunk radio businesses between Singtel and Singapore Telecommunications Limited.

Nina is a Chartered Accountant holding dual fellow membership in both Chartered Association of Certified Accountants in London and Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants. She holds an MBA from University of Leicester and holds a PhD in General Management, at the Lee Kong Chin School of Business in Singapore Management University. her empirical field research focused on measuring the increase in senior executives' productivity pre and post mindfulness training and coaching in dynamic business conditions.

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