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Roderic Proniewski

Roderic Proniewski

Since 1995 in Singapore he has set up Wine import and Distribution companies that have been appreciated and recognized in the local and regional wine scene with reputable wine portfolios with multiple international awards and accolades and have been actively supplying wines to the F&B industries like hotel groups; restaurant chains, golf clubs and corporations & private clienteles. He himself was honored to be the finalist of “Sommelier Mentor” and his wine company Asia wine Network Pte Ltd was awarded “The Wine Distributor of the Year” by the Award of Excellence organized by WGS in 2017.
With his acclaimed special love for wines, he constantly shares his passion for wines by conducting frequent Wine Appreciations/ Wine Talks / Wine Seminars / Wine pairing dinners and all types of wine-related events for the F&B professionals and private corporations and clienteles. Actively both his team and he participate in many various lifestyle events such as World Gourmet Summit, International Wine challenge, Slow Food Association and countless Wine Fests and Exhibitions regionally.
Roderic is accredited from the famous “Ecole du Vin” de Bordeaux. (Bordeaux Wine School) and he conducted trainings for the School in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. Roderic often offer wine training to the F&B teams of Hotels, Restaurants; such include the Sommeliers and Hotel Association in Singapore and in the region. He is also WSET Awarded.
Roderic is Chevalier of “L’Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne”, Commandeur D’Honneur de L’ « Ordre du Bon Temps” , Chevalier Sabreur of the “Confréries du Sabre D’Or”, Prudhomme de la Jurade de St Emilion and Member of the “International Wine and Food Society”.
With honor & pleasure, Roderic was selected to co-organize the “Wine And Spirit Asia” Wine Challenge in Singapore in years 2010 , 2012 and 2014 . He was proud to be invited to be the Judge for Wine Challenge such as “Michelangelo” in South Africa and the “IWC London”.
With his constant encounters & frequent exchanges with many wine-makers and prominent wineries owners & representatives from the world of wines and the increased awareness of global warnings due to climate change, Roderic has extended his interest and supports on “Sustainability”; especially for wines he also diverts his concerns on “Sustainable / Organic/ Biodynamic wines” apart from quality, pricing and the positioning of the wines.
Recently he particularly engrossed in areas & topics concerning “Environmental Green/ Environmentally Friendly”. He then involved himself in such projects & venture that support “Environmental Green/ Environmentally Friendly”. He sets up and is one of the Founders of LA VIE LIFESTYLE PTE LTD venturing into products such as Pasta Straw, Biodegradable Straw, Trash Bags ; Food Carrier Bags and food takeaway containers and more “Environmental Friendly Products” mainly for the usage in the F&B industry.
He strongly believes that the F&B industry can be a key players in the “Environmental Green/ Environmental Friendly” campaigns.
After all he believes in “One Life with more WINES living in One World”!
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