Qi Zhi Hai

Master Chef Qi Zhi Hai 戚志海is our newly appointed Master Chef (specialises in Huaiyang cuisine) in Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel.
Chef Qi Zhi Hai 戚志海 brings with him years of culinary experience culled from his various postings in various renowned hotels and restaurants. Specialised in authentic Huaiyang cuisine, he believes in continuously refining the art of cooking through improvisation and experimentation while preserving tradition.
Born in China, Chef Qi Zhi Hai 戚志海 started as an apprentice cook at the age of 21 and moved up the rank to Executive Chinese Chef at the age of 28.
His credentials include:
1)         上海梅龙镇(百年老店)包国京-梅家菜第三代传人。
                Shanghai Meron town (century-old) Bao Guojing - Mei Jia Cai third-generation descendant.
2)         上海扬州饭店,莫有才(淮扬烹饪大师)莫家菜—蟹粉狮子头。
                Shanghai Yangzhou Hotel, Mo You Cai (Huaiyang cooking master) Mo cuisine - crab powder lion head.
3)         上海新雅粤菜馆,蒋家福(烹饪大师)烟熏昌鱼。
                Shanghai Xinya Cantonese Restaurant, Jiang Jiafu (master cooking) smoked chang fish.
Country Singapore
Hosting Establishment Swissôtel The Stamford
Designation Special Guest Chef