Takagi Kazuo

2 Michelin Star

Takagi Kazuo is owner-chef of ‘Kyoto cuisine TAKAGI’ in Ashiya, a city between Osaka and Kobe. The restaurant has held two Michelin stars since 2010, and Takagi himself is a recognised master of the super refined Kyoto style of Japanese cuisine known as ‘Kyo-ryori.’  Famous for its innovation in terms of both the food itself and the decoration, Kyo-ryori cuisine uses unique and traditional methods to unfold and celebrate cultural tales and capture the changing seasons of Kyoto. Takagi has a deep respect and love for these traditions, and hopes to bring a greater understanding of them to a wider audience through cooking classes and gourmet experiences. He maintains, “True Kyoto cuisine is rare even in Japan nowadays, since preparation is complicated; but I want it to continue its long history.”

The complexity of Takagi’s picturesque, jewel-like creations, which include many styles of preparation, is designed to appeal to all of the senses, as well as extending the dining experience to an awareness of seasonal change, poetic beauty and the bounty and versatility of nature. Chef Takagi’s delicate soup is the most symbolic element of his cooking. According to him, “The taste and aroma of a soup characterises one’s culinary style.”  He creates all of his dishes, using only the freshest ingredients, with “season, festivity, and innovation” in mind and prepares them with great “taste, harmony and care.”
Country Japan
Hosting Establishment NAMI, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore
Designation Visiting Masterchef