Patrizia di Benedetto

1 Michelin Star

In 1991 Patrizia Di Benedetto began her adventure within the restaurant kitchen of the Bye Bye Blues. The result was surprising: the restaurant soon became a benchmark for the most demanding palates in Palermo.

The restaurant quickly earned fame beyond the Strait of Messina, and is now highly appreciated both in Italy and abroad. Thus, Patrizia was able to create a new type of distinctly Mediterranean cuisine, where the flavours of delicious Sicilian ingredients are interpreted in a more modern way.

Under Patrizia’s guidance, Bye Bye Blues has become the best restaurant in Palermo according to wine and food guide books, such as "L'Espresso" and "Gambero Rosso". Patrizia is the only Michelin starred chef in Palermo, as well as the only female chef to have won this prestigious award in Sicily.
Country Italy
Hosting Establishment Gattopardo Ristorante Di Mare
Designation Visiting Masterchef
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