Alessandra Gennaro

Alessandra Uccello Gennaro is an Italian woman who is deeply in love with her country.
She is a Magistral Doctor in Classic Literature (Italian, Latin and Ancient Greek) and in Ecclesiastic Law, she also has a Bachelor in Theology, a PhD in Canonical Law, and a Master in Canonical Lawsuit.
She taught Literature and History in Italian High School for 17 years, before changing career and becoming a Vatican Ecclesiastic Judge for 15 years. In the meanwhile, she was also Professor of Latin at the University of Theology in Genoa and a Visiting Professor for a Masters in Criminology at the University of Medicine, Forensic Medicine and Pathology Department in Genoa. I was a speaker in several international conferences on Canonical Law.
Since 2009 she’s been an active food-blogger, wiring about food and eno-gastronomic journeys in Italy and across the globe. In particular, I founded MTChallenge, Calendario Italiano del Cibo, and AIFB. MTChallenge is a web bases food contest with a community from all over the world. MTC is now one of the most influential Italian food websites and is routinely invited to prestigious food and wine events, both in Italy and internationally. They’ve hosted interviews with V.I.P. personalities like Massimo Bottura, Paul Bocuse, Lidia Bastianich, Michel Roux Sr. and many others. AIFB is an Italian Food Blogger Association. Calendario Italiano del Cibo aims at promoting Italian eno-gastronomic culture and Italian lifestyle.
In 2013 she started writing books on food, eight books of which have been already published. She is one of the best-selling food writers in Italy.
Country Italy
Hosting Establishment Gattopardo Ristorante Di Mare
Designation Food Anthropologist