Yaroslav Artyukh

Yaroslav Artyukh opened the restaurant Kanapa four years ago in Ukraine and instead of flirting with the stereotypes about Ukrainian cuisine, began to explore the authentic recipes, apply the latest technologies and create something completely new: “a modern gastronomy”.

During these 4 years Kanapa has moved from being relatively unknown to having a huge number of regular visitors from all over Ukraine and the world looking to book tables to familiarize themselves with the Ukrainian cuisine.

Every day Yaroslav explores the peculiarities of new local products, going our of his way to visit farms and make discoveries. Kanapa has been presented many national awards as the best restaurant of the Ukrainian cuisine, but Yaroslav’s main mission is to break the public perception that Ukrainian cuisine is just about their staples, ‘Salo’, ‘Borsch’, and ‘Varenyky’, and show them that it can be interesting, modern and unexpected.
Country Ukraine
Hosting Establishment Grissini, Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel
Designation Visiting Masterchef
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