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Portuguese Wine Tasting - Meet Quinta Do Vallado

Quinta do Vallado, established in 1716, is one of the oldest and most famous "Quintas" in the Douro Valley. For almost 200 years, Quinta do Vallado´s main activity was the production of Porto wines but in the last decades they also started to produce high quality table wines.

Quinta do Vallado will present the evolution of an old tradition of wine making through the Quinta do Vallado Reserva Field Blend and bring you a unique experience of tasting a 150 years old Port which garnered 99 points by Robert Parker.

Portuguese Wines to be featured:
2011 Reserva Field Blend, Quinta do Vallado
2011 Adelaide Tinto, Quinta do Vallado
2010 Reserva Field Blend, Quinta do Vallado
2009 Reserva Field Blend, Quinta do Vallado
2008 Reserva Field Blend, Quinta do Vallado
2007 Reserva Field Blend, Quinta do Vallado
Adelaide Tributa, Quinta do Vallado (150 Year Old Port)

*Each guest will be served a 50ml-glass of wine per label.

02 April 2014
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Windows East, Level 20
Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

Event Closed
SGD 80+ (For Tasting only)
SGD 328+ (Special Package with Qunita Do Vallado Wine Dinner. Tasting at SGD 60 instead of SGD 80)
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Dress Code:
Smart Casual
Special Guest:
Joao Ribeiro