This is true gastronomy at its best for discerning taste buds. The food connoisseur will know from tasting or even from taking just a whiff it. Themed dinners are crafted for seekers of that ultimate gastronomic experience.

Not content with just presenting stellar cuisines matched with excellent wines, unique and exciting elements provide a fresh twist to an otherwise straightforward gourmet affair - these highly anticipated themed events are not to be missed!

World Gourmet Summit Press Conference

A slightly more intimate affair for memebers of the media and attendees, with much of the attention paid to our visiting Masterchefs - of which 7 will be present at the conference. Attendees consist of visiting Masterchefs, chefs from participating hotels and restaurants, wine makers and reputable food & beverage and lifestyle media partners of World Gourmet Summit.

26 March 2014
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Chijmes Hall

Event Closed
Dress Code:
Smart Casual