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Italian Wine Dinner With La Spinetta Featuring International Masterchef Thomas Bühner

Dolce Vita oozes contemporary charm for its guests to enjoy an epicurean feast paired with amazing vintages from La Spinetta. A combination of great passion for wine, strong ideals, respect for tradition and the ambition to make something exceptional are the core beliefs for La Spinetta and guests will be ensured of a truly exceptional experience. Whipping up the Italian charm, is none other than Masterchef Thomas Bühner with the highest honour of attaining three Michelin stars, so be enthralled by one of Germany’s top chefs for more than twenty years.

About La Spinetta:

The work at La Spinetta is dedicated to the vineyards, which are treated with utmost care, attention and respect, especially in regards to agronomy and production quantities. Starting in 1977, La Spinetta in Castagnole Lanze was founded by Giuseppe and Lidia Rivetti. Fast forward to 2001, La Spinetta has expanded over the borders of Piedmont and acquired 65 hectares of vineyards in Tuscany, between Pisa and Volterra, to make three different 100% Sangiovese wines. As such, Sangiovese is the true ambassador of the Tuscan terrain in La Spinetta’s eyes.

The selection of wines for this exclusive dinner are listed below:

2013 Moscato d'Asti Bricco Quaglia, La Spinetta
2010 Barbera d’Alba Gallina, La Spinetta
2010 PIN Monferrato Rosso, La Spinetta
2009 Contratto For England Pas Dose Metodo Classico Blanc De Noir, La Spinetta
2009 Barbaresco Bordini, La Spinetta
2005 Barolo Campè, La Spinetta


Marinated Hamachi
Cauliflower, Quinoa & Lemon
2009 Contratto For England Pas Dose Metodo Classico Blanc De Noir, La Spinetta


Filet from Common Sole
Buddha’s Hand Lime & Fennel
2010 Chardonnay Lidia, La Spinetta


Truffle Ravioli (Liquid)
Chestnut Purée, Wild Herbs
2010 Barbera d’Alba Gallina, La Spinetta


Filet from Beef with Chicory
Sauce Foyot
2010 PIN Monferrato Rosso, La Spinetta
2009 Barbaresco Bordini, La Spinetta


Sour cream - iced
Formai de Mut dell’Alta Wild Figs**
2005 Barolo Campè, La Spinetta

Green appel
Olive Oil & Almond
2013 Moscato d’Asti Bricco Quaglia, La Spinetta


Tea & Coffee


12 Year Old Macallan

**Explanation for Formai de Mut dell’Alta

Formai de Mut dell'Alta Valle Brembana DOP is produced in the province of Bergamo, in the Northern Italy region of Lombardia. The local slang word Mut means mountain pasture and there, between 1300 and 2500 metros of altitude, the cows graze and produce a high quality milk from which this cheese is made.

Formai de Mut is a the best cheese made in this valley; historical evidence quote the Formai de Mut as a sort of coin for the rent and sale of pastures, which were paid for with cheese wheels. The  cow breed (Bruna Alpina) used for production has been the same for centuries, with evidence dating back to XVI century of its employment.

The aromatic essences of the alpine pastures give the milk a special flavour. The raw milk is transformed following traditional techniques. After being curdled, it is placed in moulds (fassere) and pressed to drain the whey, salted and aged for at least 45 days, and until more than six months.

Formai de Mut dell'Alta Valle Brembana DOP features a delicate taste with flavors reminding high mountain pastures. It can be tasted along the traditional polenta Bergamasca, with white or red wine according to its aging or used as an ingredient for traditional mountain dishes.

*Menu updated as of 10 February 2014 and is subjected to changes.

01 April 2014
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Event Closed
SGD 488+ (For Dinner only)
SGD 548+ (Special Package with La Spinetta Wine Tasting. Tasting at SGD 60 instead of SGD 80)
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Special Guest:
Luca Cigliuti