The World Gourmet Summit 2014 gastronomic experience will not be complete without Singapore’s finest dining establishments on board as at Partner Restaurants. Seize this limited opportunity to savour innovative culinary creations of Partner Restaurants’ chefs when they present their exclusive World Gourmet Summit 2014 menus only available for nine days.




At Castell, we pay special attention to the Silvaner grape. First introduced to Franconia, it has become the ideal grape variety, which now typifies and represents Castell and the Franconian wine region. Silvaner captures our imagination from crisp table wine right to extraordinary Grand Cru, the Grosses Gewächs.

Among our four business ventures – viticulture, forestry, agriculture and the Castell Bank, the winery is close to our hearts and is our promotional icon. Our family crest on every bottle represents this quality, drive and commitment. Our ancestors have been dedicated to viticulture for almost 800 years. Viticulture and forestry have a long tradition in our small province in the heart of Franconia. We are committed to passing on our culture to the next generations in order to offer them the opportunity for continued economic activity and to ensure a living and active heritage - throughout all business practices.

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