The World Gourmet Summit 2014 gastronomic experiences will not be complete without visiting chefs being hosted at Singapore’s finest establishments. You will get a rare chance to witness passionate culinary creations when the Hosting Establishments’ chefs collaborate with visiting chefs to redefine boundaries of traditional and modern gourmet cuisine.



TungLok Signatures, Orchard Parade Hotel

Tung Lok Signatures offers a tantalising range of traditional Chinese cuisine, such as Cantonese, Shanghainese and Sichuan dishes with a dash of Modern creations – authentic in tastes but with TungLok’s distinctive touch. Be swept away by a myriad of flavours from our premium ingredients. Our Master Chefs’ skillful execution and innovative vision have produced a unique dining concept that has impressed many. Reminisce the taste and soul of Chinese tradition as these delicacies charm your palate with each tender morsel.

Business Hours:
Daily 12pm to 3pm, 6pm to 10.30pm
1 Tanglin Road, Unit 02-18 , Singapore 247905
+65 6834 0660
Hosting Chefs:
Hosted Guests:

Events Information
Thursday 27 March 2014 - Sunday 30 March 2014
WGS Epicurean Delight Featuring Masterchef Kenny Fu and Hosting Chef Li Man

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