The World Gourmet Summit 2014 gastronomic experiences will not be complete without visiting chefs being hosted at Singapore’s finest establishments. You will get a rare chance to witness passionate culinary creations when the Hosting Establishments’ chefs collaborate with visiting chefs to redefine boundaries of traditional and modern gourmet cuisine.



Hashi Japanese Restaurant

Helmed by Chef Tadashi Takahashi, former head chef of Nobu Melbourne, Hashi showcases the multi-course Kaiseki Japanese feast sourced from all across Japan, from crabs and scallops from Hokkaido to fish from the Okinawa islands, tuna from Tokyo's Tsukiji market, vegetables from Kyoto and Wagyu from the Iwate prefecture.

With a sleek and contemporary dining space and exclusive private rooms set within a heritage building, the interiors are a marriage of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics: bold geometrical shapes play out in the sake bar by the restaurant's entrance and on its custom-made wooden chairs, while solid red pillars, rolls of kimono fabric and shoji door frames.

Chef Takahashi adheres strictly to his Kaiseki roots and provides a complete Japanese traditional dining experience complemented by its well-stocked sake collection and freshest seafood at its premium sushi counter.

Hashi Japanese Restaurant
A Performance of Traditions
Welcome drink served from the Sake Barrel - symbolizes new beginings and hopeful for the future to come.
Tamanohikari Brewery was founded 300 years ago has earned the reputation as one of Japans most premium and top Nihonshu (Sake) - maker.


Opening Speech by Mr. Knipp


(Bluefin Tuna) Carving in the traditional Tsukiji Market style.
Watch Chef Takahashi and Chef Noda carve an 70-80Kg Bluefin Tuna arriving from Tsukiji Market on the same day.
Tuna will be prepared into Kuromaguro Akami (lean parts), Kuromaguro Chutoro (semi-fat part) and Kuromaguro Otoro (fat part) which will be part of chef Takahashi's World Gourmet Summit Feature Event Menu.


Kimono (for Ladies only)
There will be Kimonos available for a rental fee of $80 per Kimono. Our Japanese staff and Kimono mistress will assist with step by step demonstration on wearing the Kimono. Be prepared to surprise and astonish the other diners when you arrive at your table in the private dining hall.


Koto Concert
Guest are ushered to Hashi's private hall for dinner and entertained by musical sounds of Japan's National instrument, Koto while dinner is served.


A 6th Century multi-course Japanese feast by chef Takahashi featuring tuna and seasonal ingredient and vegetables sourced directly from Japan.



5th generation Wagashi Masterchef, Hiromori Uchida-san demonstrates live Wagashi making demonstration towards end of dinner. His Wagashi store in Shizouka founded in the fourth year of Meiji (1870), chef Uchida-san has maintained traditional production methods and tastes for over 130 years. These traditional hand-crafted confectionery represent the essence of Japanese culture, and continue to be vital force in Japanese life.



Unknown to others, Wagashi Masterchef, Hiromori Uchida-san is also a master of tea ceremony where he conducts for special occasions. Tea ceremony teacher performs Live Maccha preparation demonstration. It is a Japanese cultural activity involving the ceremonial preparation and presentation of maccha, powdered green tea. All guests are served maccha together with Wagashi.



Thank you speech by Mr. Knipp and Chef Takahashi.

Event Details:
Hashi Japanese Restaurant
29th March 2014
$300++ per guest
10% off for WGS 2014 menu for Citibank Cardmembers
10% off for ladies dressed in Kimono

10% off for all Citibank Cardholders

Business Hours:
12:00pm - 2:30pm (Mon - Fri)

6:00pm - 10:30pm (Daily except Sunday)

*Closed on Sunday
46 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089859
+65 6327 8414

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