The World Gourmet Summit 2014 has invited special guests to interact with their peers, and exchange ideas and insights into latest dining trends around the world. These accomplished individuals might play an important role in the F&B and hospitality industry or another industry where they are the experts in their field.  Attend these events they are gracing and participate in exchanges to tap on their expertise and knowledge.



David Cox

A veteran in the world of whiskies, David has been working in the scotch whisky industry for 31 years in a wide range of sales and marketing roles in Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, South Africa and the Caribbean.

David has been with The Macallan since 1998, firstly as global marketing controller and now as Director, Fine & Rare malt whiskies and of Brand Education. In 2002, David launched the Fine & Rare range of vintage Macallan, the greatest collection of vintage single malt ever released direct from a single distillery. Since the launch, which underscored The Macallan’s unrivalled reputation for product excellence and rarity, David has been continuing to develop super-premium expressions of The Macallan for connoisseurs and collectors in Asia Pacific, North America and Europe, developing relationships with a number of luxury goods and service providers, including Bentley, Lalique, Roja Dove and American Express Centurion card. As Director of Brand Education, David has also been working to develop the visitor experience at The Macallan as well as the brand educational programme, both at The Macallan and in markets overseas, for the benefit of the global network of Macallan brand ambassadors.

United Kingdom

Events Information
Thursday 03 April 2014
The Macallan Whisky And Wagyu Dinner

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