The World Gourmet Summit 2014 has invited special guests to interact with their peers, and exchange ideas and insights into latest dining trends around the world. These accomplished individuals might play an important role in the F&B and hospitality industry or another industry where they are the experts in their field.  Attend these events they are gracing and participate in exchanges to tap on their expertise and knowledge.



Jimi Tegerdine

British born James Michael Tegerdine (Jimi) was enticed into the culinary world in 2001, and went on to cook in leading kitchens around the world.

Jimi honed his skills among others at The Relais De Coche, a fine dining restaurant in the South of France where he built his foundations for “old world” cuisine, thoroughly immersed in the creation of  classic French dishes. Jimi then moved continents to join Australia’s Wagamama international group of restaurants.

With his passion and creativity, he quickly rose up the ranks, and in 2008, was approached by the director of a chain of Australian restaurants to consider the position of “Executive Chef” for Melbourne based Cho Gao, a new restaurant concept – his role, to give a fresh interpretation of traditional Asian dishes from Thailand, Vietnam, India, China, Indonesia and Japan. Combining traditional styles, foods, and techniques and mixing them with Western presentation, is where his European and Asian cuisine skills come together.

He admits that although Australia was an eye opener, “Foodie Central” Singapore has presented him with exciting new challenges. Passionate yet respectful at the same, this 30 year old executive chef leads a team of “solid boys” from the region delivering a unique dining menu to showcase modern interpretations of European cuisine at LeVeL33. In addition to cooking, Jimi enjoys nurturing young talents and sharing his passion in the same way that he was brought into the culinary world.

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Saturday 29 March 2014
Citibank Gastronomic Jam Sessions Day 2

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