The World Gourmet Summit 2014 has invited special guests to interact with their peers, and exchange ideas and insights into latest dining trends around the world. These accomplished individuals might play an important role in the F&B and hospitality industry or another industry where they are the experts in their field.  Attend these events they are gracing and participate in exchanges to tap on their expertise and knowledge.



Bobby Saravanan Krishnan

Chef Bobby, Executive Chef at The St. Regis Singapore has 20 years of culinary mastery under his belt, with diverse experiences that were gained from the kitchens of top hospitality properties in Singapore.

From the age of 19, the Malaysian-born Chef Bobby has discovered his passion for culinary arts and since then, he has moved quickly through the ranks from a kitchen helper to being an acclaimed chef.

Drawing inspirations from the fulfillment that he gained whenever he exceeds the expectations of his guests, Chef Bobby has a unique talent for conjuring bespoke epicurean creations. His original dessert recipe, Laksa Flan is exemplary of how he fuses Western classic with Asian flavours to create a masterpiece that until today, remain the talk of town and unique only to him.


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