Gourmands will be most pleased with the congregation of culinary stars coming together in Singapore to showcase their soulful gastronomic renditions. These Masterchefs will offer gourmet food bon vivants a rare and exciting chance to see them live in action and savour what was previously only available in publications and videos. The World Gourmet Summit 2014 proudly presents Masterchefs:



Philippe Mille


Very often, we will be able to catch the phrase, “From farm to table”. This is something rare in Singapore when it comes to vegetation due to the lack of plantation in terms of agriculture where most vegetables are imported from overseas. Chef Philippe Mille will be able to tell you how much fun the process of farm to table is. With his uncle and grandmother who were farmers, Chef Mille grew up learning how to grow his own vegetables and to sample them, preparing food at the kitchen garden. Not only that, farm-reared free-range chickens were on the menu to aid in his palate training to cultivating the foundations of his culinary skills. Given the opportunity to train with a number of great chefs who were willing to share their invaluable knowledge, philosophy, passion and vision of the style, Chef Mille lived up to the legacy of attaining two-Michelin-star throughout the learning journey. With a library of more than three hundred books, Chef Mille is full of ideas and injects them into his own cuisine, creating new flavours and tastes in his career.


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