Gourmands will be most pleased with the congregation of culinary stars coming together in Singapore to showcase their soulful gastronomic renditions. These Masterchefs will offer gourmet food bon vivants a rare and exciting chance to see them live in action and savour what was previously only available in publications and videos. The World Gourmet Summit 2014 proudly presents Masterchefs:



Lorenzo Cogo


Instead of attempting to live up to his family’s trattoria and a family of cooks, Chef Lorenzo Cogo only pursued a career as chef because of a single word, “passion”. The occupation as a chef should be a well-respected with most of them choosing to be one based on passion unlike most of us behind the desk. After his first taste of milk, Chef Cogo has never once forgotten the memories attached to it and this could be why his cooking style complements that memory; playful and young. Probably one of the youngest Italian chefs to gain a Michelin-star, Chef Cogo has worked his way through with hard work, experience and opportunity given to learn from top notch chefs. Chef Cogo made the right decision in furthering his culinary skills in Australia to learn from chefs with big names and in breaking the mould of a normal Italian chef of following suit French techniques. Using his unique culinary technique which he calls it “instinctive”, Chef Cogo will prepare his dishes no other chefs would, in a fresh and creative manner. One of the dishes, from the name of his restaurant, el coq mixed salad, is the dish that he would be if he was a dish.

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