Gourmands will be most pleased with the congregation of culinary stars coming together in Singapore to showcase their soulful gastronomic renditions. These Masterchefs will offer gourmet food bon vivants a rare and exciting chance to see them live in action and savour what was previously only available in publications and videos. The World Gourmet Summit 2014 proudly presents Masterchefs:



Mathieu Viannay

Although Michelin-starred chef Mathieu Viannay began his education majoring in sciences for his diploma; he went on to obtain a degree in cooking and later on, graduating from the Higher School of French cuisine at Paris, France. Having interned in some of the big names in Paris, Chef Viannay discovered that cooking was his true calling and his ultimate passion in life. Chef Viannay subsequently went on to the production line in gaining a better understanding of productions before he embarked on running his own restaurants under the guidance of mentor, Chef Paul Bocuse. Truly a risk-taker, dynamic and entrepreneurial chef, Viannay was extremely successful in running his own restaurant and later transformed bar, in gaining two-Michelin-star within a short period of time. Not only is he the commander of his establishments, Chef Viannay is also the consulting chef for 33 Agadir and Portopia Hotel. In attending World Gourmet Summit where international chefs meet to share different cooking techniques, Chef Viannnay will be bringing his classics where it is a modern way to cook, at least for him and being in Singapore offered him an opportunity to try out Singapore’s famous dishes in comparison to his own childhood dish.


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