Gourmands will be most pleased with the congregation of culinary stars coming together in Singapore to showcase their soulful gastronomic renditions. These Masterchefs will offer gourmet food bon vivants a rare and exciting chance to see them live in action and savour what was previously only available in publications and videos. The World Gourmet Summit 2014 proudly presents Masterchefs:



Alexandre Gauthier


The charming One-Michelin-starred chef, Alexandre Gauthier, exhibits his charms in his dishes when he found out how he was able to express his thoughts and emotions through his cuisine. Chef Gauthier has a unique way of learning as compared to other chefs. Relying on his learning capabilities instead of having a mentor, Chef Gauthier started his culinary learning journey in Le Touquet Hotel School and has since picked up various skills from chefs with very different styles. Chef Gauthier has taken over La Grenouillère from his father in addition to opening other restaurants over the years since 2003. Incorporating his ideals in his restaurants, Chef Gauthier offers a modern interpretation of classic dishes which his father has passed down in the restaurant and he was right in doing so, evident from his awards on a yearly basis since 2006, with 2012 as one of the most unforgettable one, claiming nine awards. Known for his insistence in relishing the purity of ingredients to emphasise the freshness and wildness of products, Chef Gauthier has truly lived up to his name when he made it to the top of Africa’s tallest mountain, Kilimanjaro, bringing nature to his work of living.


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