The World Gourmet Summit 2014 will feature an array of amazing Singapore-based Hosting Chefs who will host events with visiting Masterchefs. These Hosting Chefs are ambassadors to our local culinary scene and a force to be reckoned.



Andrew Nocente

Of Italian heritage and Australian descent, Chef Andrew's passion for cooking was inspired by his mother and maternal grandmother from a young age. Stepping into the restaurant kjitchen at 15, he fell in love with the synergy of a bustling kitchen and knew instantly that he wanted to become a chef. Upon completion of his apprenticeship and obtaining his culinary certifications, Chef Andrew combined his devotion for food and love for travel and journeyed to start his career. He moved to Hamilton Island, where he was made Sous Chef at the age of 22.

Chef Andrew is passionate about experimenting with different flavours and techniques to put a new spin on dishes.


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