The World Gourmet Summit 2014 will feature an array of amazing Singapore-based Hosting Chefs who will host events with visiting Masterchefs. These Hosting Chefs are ambassadors to our local culinary scene and a force to be reckoned.



Yong Bing Ngen

Being a multiple World Gourmet Series Awards of Excellence and At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy Mentor Chef Award recipient is just a glimpse of Chef-Restaurateur Yong Bing Ngen prowess. With 30 years of experience under his belt, formerly Executive Chinese Chef at Raffles Hotel’s Empress Room and Head Chef at Pan Pacific’s Hai Tien Lo, Chef Yong now oversees kitchens at Majestic Restaurant, Jing, and Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant. He believes an accomplished Chinese chef should have a solid foundation of Chinese cooking techniques and be continuously exposed to different ingredients and produce available in the market. Harmoniously introducing new ingredients he discovers into his menu is Chef Yong’s guiding culinary philosophy. Will sparks fly when working with Taiwanese Masterchef Arron Huang as Malaysian-born Chef Yong pushes culinary boundaries while staying true to the roots of Chinese cooking?

Restaurant Type:
Modern Chinese

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