The World Gourmet Summit 2014 will feature an array of amazing Singapore-based Hosting Chefs who will host events with visiting Masterchefs. These Hosting Chefs are ambassadors to our local culinary scene and a force to be reckoned.



Pierre Burgade

The World Gourmet Summit is intended to encourage chefs from around the world to meet at a specific location and exchange their experiences, techniques and knowledge of various cuisines at a specific location. Hosting Chef Pierre Burgade believes in the value of this purpose as well. A native of Mirande in the south-west of France, this Executive Chef of Raffles restaurants, holds an annual event that hosts some of the world’s best chefs at the Raffles Hotel Wine, Food & Arts Experience which endeavours to build bridges between different culinary cultures. He has worked in a myriad of prestigious kitchens over the years, from America and Asia, to Africa and Australia.What techniques will Chef Burgade employ when teaming up with Michelin-starred Chef Philippe Mille to serve diners of Raffles Grill?

Restaurant Type:
Classical and contemporary French

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