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Paolo de Marchi

The name “Isole e Olena” was conceived in the 1950’s when two adjoining estates, “Isole” and “Olena” were purchased by the De Marchi family and were combined to form one. Today, the Isole e Olena estate is run by Paolo De Marchi and his family. Paolo comes from a family with three generations of winemaking experience in the northern section of Piedmont. He was raised in close contact with the wine world as he has always enthusiastically followed the development of his grandfather’s estate located near Gattinara, Villa Sperino, where Lessona wine is produced.

Paolo is well versed in the different wine regions of the world. He is a graduate of the Agriculture University of Turin (1976) with a specialization in Enology. He spent six months in California researching the evolution of the California wine industry. He started managing the family estate of Isole e Olena in the Chianti Classico region in Tuscany and has carried on his work with a vision which has strongly contributed to the renaissance of modern Tuscany. In 1980 he worked briefly for the Istituto Sperimentale per L’Enologia di Asti and has been in close contacts with the Enology Faculties of the Universities of Montpellier, Turin, Geisenheim and California at Davis. Likewise, he continues to travel the wine regions of the world in an effort to foster an exchange of ideas, techniques and enthusiasm.
Winery: Isole e Olena

Events Information
Saturday 20 April 2013
Isole e Olena Experiential Wine Tasting

Saturday 20 April 2013
Isole e Olena Experiential Wine Dinner Featuring Gabriele Ferron