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Pierre Perrin

Being the fifth generation of the Perrin family and owners of Château de Beaucastel, Perrin et Fils, La Vieille Ferme and Tablas Creek, can be a daunting position, however, on closer inspection, it is of no doubt that Pierre Bertrand Perrin has the right expertise and knowledge in producing wines of excellent quality.

Born in 1972, the young Pierre secured an impressive background at an early age with his immense interest in the world and culture of wine. With an oenology degree from the University of Dijon, Pierre gained much professional experience, before taking over from his father, Jean-Pierre, in the winemaking at Perrin & Fils. Since 1999, he has settled into the role of winemaker for the entire stable of Perrin wines and was additionally in-charge of the export and marketing. In 2003 his brother Marc, returned from Paris to assist in covering the markets of America, Russia and Japan, allowing Pierre to focus on the UK and Asian markets.

Pierre has proved himself as an excellent winemaker, in easy and in poor vintages, since taking on the reins of winemaking at Beaucastel, his wines have been awarded accolades from press and connoisseurs around the world.
Winery: Famille Perrin

Events Information
Friday 19 April 2013
Château de Beaucastel Experiential Wine Tasting

Friday 19 April 2013
Château de Beaucastel Experiential Wine Dinner Featuring Jean-François Piège