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Maria Urrutia

Born in New York, Maria Urrutia graduated from the University of Portsmouth, UK, with a BA  European Business Studies and is part of the fifth generation owners of CVNE. The venerable wine company of the North of Spain, known by its Spanish acronym, CVNE, was founded in 1879 in Haro, Rioja. To this day, it remains a family company.

Maria studied Business Administration and joined the CVNE Board of Directors in 2008. Since 2004 Maria has been working full time at CVNE involved in Marketing and Communication.

CVNE has always been an innovative winery; an example of this is the startlingly original cellar designed by Eiffel in the 19th century in the company’s Haro winery. However, until recently, CVNE has been a very introverted winery, focused mainly on making wine and avoiding promotion of its wines internationally. Maria Urrutia describes her mission at CVNE as twofold. ‘my ancestors worried about one thing only: making the best possible wine. I have added another concern to this (very short) list: to make our wines known across the world’.

Winery: Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España

Events Information
Monday 22 April 2013
CVNE Experiential Wine Tasting

Monday 22 April 2013
CVNE Experiential Wine Dinner Featuring David Muñoz