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Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España

CVNE has been caring for its vineyards for over 125 years, with respect for the winemaking tradition, hard work, research, innovation in production processes, pursuit of the highest quality, experimentation, and recognition. 

When Jancis Robinson published ‘the great wine book’ in the early 1980s, only three Spanish wineries were featured: Vega Sicilia, Torres, and CVNE. Even fewer wineries were featured from Italy, or Australia, for example. How things have changed. Nowadays, it would be impossible to write about Spain without mentioning burgeoning wine regions and new wineries that produce high level wines across the board. CVNE, nevertheless, represents the living history of Spain and Rioja. Imperial and Viña Real are one of the icons of Rioja and amongst the strongest and most prestigious brands in Spain. 
Country: Spain
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Representative: Maria Urrutia

Events Information
Monday 22 April 2013
CVNE Experiential Wine Tasting

Monday 22 April 2013
CVNE Experiential Wine Dinner Featuring David Muñoz