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Hashi Japanese Restaurant
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Hashi is a contemporary and stylish nod to the best in Japanese gastronomy. Helmed by Chef Tadashi Takahashi, former head chef of Nobu Melbourne, Hashi showcases the multi-course Kaiseki Japanese meal through Chef Takahashi’s expert culinary techniques. With a luxurious dining space and exclusive private rooms set within a heritage building, Hashi provides a complete Japanese dining experience complemented by its well-stocked sake bar and freshest offerings at its premium sushi counter.

Available for lunch and dinner
17 to 26 April

先付け :海老と帆立、茄子、冬瓜、空豆、オクラの出汁ゼリーかけ
Appetizer: Prawn, Scallop, Eggplant, Winter Melon, Broad Bean
and Okra with Dashi Jelly

お造り : 鮪、光もの、平目、甘海老 酢だち
Sashimi : Tuna, Blue fish, Hirame and Sweet Shrimp

椀物 : 若竹椀 木の芽
Soup : Bamboo Shoot and Wakame Seaweed with Clear Soup

焼物 : 鯛源平焼き 蓬麩田楽 はじかみ
Grill : Tai fish and Yomogi Bran

揚物 : 万願寺唐辛子天婦羅 海老射込み レモン
Deep-Fried : Manganji Pepper and Prawn Paste Tempura

御飯 : 御飯、味噌汁、香の物
Rice : Steam rice, Miso Soup and Pickles

菓子 : 和菓子
Dessert : Japanese Dessert


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For one evening only, Master Wagashi Chef, Hiromori Uchida, will grace Hashi Japanese Restaurant as the feature chef on 20 April 2013, Saturday, showcasing his speciality desserts. Born in 1971, he is the fifth generation member of a wagashi (Japanese dessert & sweets) store in the Shizuoka Prefecture. After graduating from Seijo University, he trained in a wagashi store in Tokyo for four years before joining his family-run store, Ganyudo which has won several accolades, including Winner of Tokyo Wagashi Technical Community Towa Community Award for Technical Excellence 1998.

*Menu updated as of 15 Mar
Address: 48 Bukit Pasoh Road Singapore 089859
Tel: 6327 8414 / 3152 0286
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