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Lerøy Fjord Trout
Gastronomic Partner

Far north on the edge of Europe you find Norway, home to countless deep fjords and cold, clear waters. In these waters you find the bright red Fjord Trout with its unique and pure flavors. Fjord Trout is produced in limited quantity, but Lerøy is Norway’s largest producer and can offer a full range of Fjord Trout products, year around. Lerøy controls the whole value chain from smolt through farming and processing, enabling it to guarantee a premium high quality product every time.

About the Lerøy Seafood Group
Based in the beautiful city of Bergen on the west coast of Norway, the Lerøy Seafood Group is the world’s second largest farmer of Atlantic salmon and the leading exporter of seafood from Norway. Its global sales network includes sister companies in Sweden, France and Portugal and sales offices in China, Japan and the USA. Lerøy has 14 processing facilities located around various markets in Europe, with core activities in distribution, sale and marketing, processing, production of salmon, trout and other species as well as product development. Since its establishment, the company has been a pioneering enterprise in a number of fields in the Norwegian fishing industry. The company has more than 1800 employees and was listed on the stock exchange in June 2002.
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