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August Woman
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August Woman is a magazine designed for the leading lady who embraces feminism and success, on her own terms. She firmly believes in the emancipation of women not merely in social terms but also in psychological terms, and goes through her life with style and savvy for the sophisticate.

The August Woman is well-travelled, well-read and well-versed. She is affluent and a successful high-flyer in her chosen field, a high-income earner and remains an independent woman of means even with familial commitments. The August Woman is exponentially influential and has a strong social network and status. She is game for every novel experience life throws at her, and believes in pampering herself with a rewarding lifestyle at work or leisure. The August Woman balances work and family life with ease, having the capacity to structure her lifestyle so she is not caught between the pressures of fulfilling work challenges and being a maternal role model. She is looked up to by women who believe that a modern girl can thrive in a male-dominated work environment without losing her femininity. In short, she is the alpha female.

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