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Dining Etiquette Specialist, Degrenne Paris - Geoffrey Delhaye

Dining etiquette has always been an important element in European homes. As part of his French heritage, Geoffrey Delhaye spends a great deal of time at the dining table due to the influence from his family while he was growing up. Coupled with the opportunity to travel around the world and now residing in Singapore, he has become familiar with Asian cuisine and has infused Oriental touches to the dining table. An intriguing gastrosexual, Geoffrey has a knack for the kitchen. Apart from his conventional culinary skills, he is always bringing surprises to the dining table and is especially fond of showcasing his personality in his table setting.

With over 3 years of experience with the Guy Degrenne Group and armed with an in-depth knowledge of tableware and glassware, Geoffrey is currently the Marketing & Development Manager responsible for developing the brand in Asia. Geoffrey also conducts a successful series of workshops known as The Art of Table Setting and one of which was held with the American Women’s Association. A bright and jovial personality, he was often interviewed and featured by media in Singapore and Malaysia to promote the arts of the table setting.

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