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Ceramic Artist - Tay Siew Cheng

In 1991, Siew Cheng began her journey of self-exile, under the common guise of ‘making one’s dream come true’. The process of searching for her dream was reinforced by Akiro Kurosawa’s movie ‘Dreams’. Although her dream of becoming a weaver did not come through, a series of personal journeys led her to Tasmania, Australia where the artist in her grew and she eventually found herself as a professional ceramic artist.

Siew Cheng draws her inspiration from the beauty of nature and her fascination with paper craft. At this World Gourmet Summit, Siew Cheng will be presenting her ceramic exhibition titled "My Porcelain Garden", creating a collection of exquisitely beautiful porcelain flowers which are paper thin. Each delicate creation reflects both fragility and strength and they bring out Siew Cheng’s quest for perfection.

Events Information
Sunday 21 April 2013
Sunset Cocktail at Tamarind Hill