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Joachim Koerper

Born in Germany, Chef Joachim Koerper fell in love with the cuisine and ingredients of Southern Europe, and is today widely acclaimed as one of the most important masters of Mediterranean Cuisine. Throughout his career Chef Koerper has worked in renowed restaurants such as: L’Ambroisie in Paris (three Michelin stars); Hostelerie du Cerf, in Marlenheim (two Michelin stars); and Au Chapon Fin, in Thoissey (two Michelin stars).

The teachings of these great chefs led Chef Koerper to adopt a gastronomic philosophy based on the exclusive use of “natural and fresh ingredients that are local to the area where I work”. That principle is one of the foundations of his culinary virtuosity.

Chef Koerper affirmed himself as a leading Chef when he opened his own restaurant in a small Spanish seaside village. Nine months later, the Michelin guide awarded the “Girasol” its first star, and three years later its second. Besides running Restaurant Eleven, Chef Koerper consults for Relais & Châteaux Quinta das Lágrimas (Coimbra), Silverseas Cruises and the Malhadinha team. In 2010, Restaurant Eleven joined the prestigious Relais & Châteuax listing and named Chef Joachim as a Grand Chef. 

Country: Portugal

Events Information
Wednesday 17 April 2013
Experiential Workshop at Miele - "The Art of Entertainment"

Thursday 18 April 2013
Experiential Workshop at Miele - "A Gentleman's Guide to Mastering the Art of Breakfast"

Thursday 18 April 2013
At Home with Miele Featuring Joachim Koerper

Friday 19 April 2013
Citibank Gastronomic Jam Sessions - Day 1

Saturday 20 April 2013
Herdade da Malhadinha Nova Presents a Portuguese Experiential Wine Dinner with Joachim Koerper