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NUTOPIA by Stephan Zoisl - Never Never Land

Nutopia, a very different culinary concept introduced by Stephan Zoisl, creates dinners beyond a simple menu. Influenced by a specific theme every time, Chef Stephan Zoisl will creatively showcase his interpretation of the theme through his food in the most unique dining venue, enabling his guests to be momentarily transported to a non-existing world - a world as defined by Chef Zoisl himself.

The food focuses on seasonal produce, unusual presentation and modern cooking techniques to boast an unforgettable dining experience which cannot be found anywhere else. Each dinner series promises to bring its diners on a sensory journey to a different world. Join Chef Zoisl as he embarks on his Nutopia adventure with the inaugural dinner theme - Never Never Land, serving up a 12-course experiential dinner which promises to bring you on a sensory journey to a different world.

Date: 17 to 21 April 2013
Menu: 12-course dinner
Price: $228 (without wine), $298 (with wine)
Venue: 61 Tras Street, Singapore 079000

Note: No vegetarian or gluten-free options are available

For reservations and enquiries, contact My Private Chef at dine@myprivatechef.com.sg or (65) 9128 3058.
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The definition of Nutopia:
(Nutopia a.k.a. New Utopia)

New is an adjective referring to something recently made, discovered, or created.
Utopia (/juːˈtoʊpiə/) - the concept utopia concerns the representation of an idealized world, that is presented as an alternative to actually existing world, a fictional island or non-existing place. The etymology of 'Utopia' was not entirely explicit by Moro, but suggested a double set of meanings, both the Greek. For one οὐτοπία (οὐ , no; τόπος , place = 'what is not nowhere') and on the other εὐτοπία (εὐ , good; τόπος , location) = 'good place'….

Date: 17 - 21 April 2013
Pricing: $228 (without wine), $298 (with wine)
Special Guests: Chef Stephan Zoisl