Annika Strebel
German Wine Queen
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Annika Strebel, 23 years old, from Wintersheim in the German wine growing region of Rheinhessen, is the 63rd German Wine Queen. From her early childhood Annika knew that she wanted to become a vintner. She is currently studying viticulture at the renowned Viticultural Institute in Geisenheim. Annika's roots lie with her parents, brother and sister in their family winery, Weingut Strebel. There, she was personally responsible for creating her 'Queen's Wine', a dry Silvaner in a class of its own which won gold at the state wine awards. The skilled winemaker wants to join her brother in the family tradition, but not before collecting more experience at other wine growing estates, for example, in Burgundy where she will complete her study-accompanying internship.

Country: Germany
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