Daniel Jordà Culinary Hands-On Workshop

Attend this culinary workshop to learn the intricate secrets of a best-known baker in the Trinitat neighbourhood in Barcelona, Daniel Jordà. See how he bakes with ingredients you thought you would never touch. This is certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity for you food lovers who want to explore the art of creative baking.
Daniel Jordà is a graduate in fine arts and third generation chef from a family of bakers. Admired by top chefs in Catalonia and Barcelona, there is no ingredient he would not touch. From wasabi to melon, strawberry or white chocolate, he has done it all. One of his last creations had shrimp with ginger, commissioned by a chef who from Japan. And while Jordà works for Michelin-starred chefs, he also tends to the family bakery that has been around since 1927.