Chan Kwok
Special Guest Chef
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Coming from a family of chefs, it was only natural that Chef Chan Kwok followed in the footsteps and take on what was to become an illustrious international career. His first introduction to the industry was at age 17 when he first became an apprentice and later moved on to working in hotels around Hong Kong. Though he later left the hotel industry for top restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau, he went back to the industry in 1997. He joined Orchard Hotel Singapore and has since helmed the kitchen at Hua Ting Restaurant. Since then, he has earned many accolades and was the proud recipient of the Chef of the Year and Asian Cuisine Chef of the Year awards in the 2011 World Gourmet Summit Awards Of Excellence. His keen eye for detail and artistically innovative creativity is out through with a great deal of passion in innovative Cantonese cuisine.

Country: Singapore