Michel Sarran
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Born in Saint Martin d’Armagnac, masterchef Michel Sarran is an emblematic figure of Toulouse gastonomy; a culinary artist truly passionate about taste. He started his professional culinary journey at his mother restaurant, “l’Auberge du Bergerayre”. Settling in Toulouse in 1995. His two-Michelin-star self-titled restaurant which he runs with his lovely wife Françoise, cleverly combines respect for tradition with innovative touches. Chef Sarran has cooked for figures by the likes of Nelson Mandela, to mention a name or two.

Country: France
Restaurant: Michel Sarran Restaurant
Hosted at: My Humble House, TungLok Group

Events Information
Friday, 27 April 2012
Citibank Gastronomic Jam Sessions

Saturday, 28 April - Tuesday, 01 May 2012
Masterchef Michel Sarran - Epicurean Delights