Anatoly Komm
Special Guest Chef
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Special guest chef Anatoly Komm represents Russia’s culinary hope, pride and a chance to bring international acclaim to Russian gastronomic traditions. Since opening his first Moscow restaurant, Green, in 2001, Komm has become the golden child of the city’s gourmet dining scene and now, the lucrative owner of restaurants serving molecular cuisine to patrons from all over the globe. What makes his style so unique is his belief in using only local ingredients to produce local food while not shying away from technology, employing centrifuges, vacuum chambers and other inventions to re-create some of the most well known traditional Russian dishes. Plus to date, he is the only Russian chef to have ever had a restaurant listed in the Michelin Guide (albeit in Geneva).

Country: Russia
Restaurant: Varvary

Events Information
Friday, 27 April 2012
Citibank Gastronomic Jam Sessions

Saturday, 28 April 2012
Indoguna Gala Dinner Featuring Anatoly Komm