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Antonius Caviar

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    Caviar Partner
Antonius Caviar is produced in Poland by Gosławice Farms. Breeding the finest caviar sturgeon for over 30 years, Antonius Caviar is operated by the most passionate caviar professionals in the world.
Far from the busy cities of Europe’s fastest growing economy, Antonius Caviar sturgeon are bred in an area called “the green lungs of Poland.” Ideal environment was created for fish to thrive and produce at their best. Using only crystal clear water in the optimal thermal range from the idyllic Łyna river, nothing will distract from the exceptional flavor of the world’s highest quality caviar.
Antonius Caviar has embraced the latest advances in science, breeding, and technology to establish a production line uncompromising in hygiene and quality-controls. Antonius Caviar proudly produces the world’s best caviar.

The official distributor of Antonius Caviar in Singapore is Dream Food Pte. Ltd.
Tel (65) 8585 6609
Address 1 Irving Place, #08-01 The Commerze@Irving, 369546 Singapore
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