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From the icy, pristine waters of Alaska right to your doorstep, The Alaska Guys are dedicated in providing and delivering to you the highest quality of wild caught seafood available worldwide.  100% sustainably sourced from Alaska’s highly regulated and monitored fisheries.  

The Alaska Guys (TAG) started out in 2014 by Kevin Gantner as an online business specializing in wild caught Alaskan King Crab. TAG now offers over 40 wild-caught, fully sustainable seafood options available at their very own retail shop as well as speciality grocery shops and online supermarkets around the island. 

Kevin Gantner grew up in Alaska working in the seafood industry in Bethel, Sitka and Dutch Harbour, Alaska.  He spent many years working on the fishing boats, in the processing plants and on the logistic side of the seafood business.

After moving to Singapore for work 20 years ago, Mr Gantner noticed the gap in the market for wild caught seafood as Singaporeans were getting more health conscious and savvy. He would receive an occasional seafood “care package” sent to him by his friend, now TAG partner, Dean DeCuir, as he was not able to find seafood that tasted remotely similar to what he had growing up in Alaska.

Due to the numerous health benefits and its nutritional content, products from TAG are wildly popular among families with young children, health enthusiast and many others.
Why Alaskan Seafood?  
There are many reasons to choose seafood from Alaska. Between the large variety of salmon, crab, whitefish to name a few, there is something for everyone’s palate. Here are a few things that all Alaska seafood has in common:

Wild & Pure
Alaska’s vast land, water resources, and diverse habitats support healthy and abundant fish and wildlife.  With more than three million lakes, 12,000+ rivers, and more coastline than the other 49 states combined, Alaska’s virtually untouched waters produce seafood that is pure and remarkably free of contamination. Feeding on marine organisms from Alaska’s icy pure waters, Alaska seafood is natural and provides healthy nutrients straight from the source.

Superior Flavor
The superior flavor and texture of Alaska seafood is prized around the world.  The flavor and color characteristics come from the seafood species feeding on their natural diet of marine organisms, and the texture comes from annual migrations in the cold North Pacific.

It’s easy to prepare Alaskan seafood using your favorite cooking method. Whether you like to grill, poach, bake, or sauté, you can have a delicious meal on the table in minutes.

If you are looking for a meal that is nutritious, low in saturated fat, and high in the “good fats” — heart-healthy omega-3s, you can start with Alaska seafood.

Environmentally Responsible
Careful management based on conservation assure abundant stocks of salmon, halibut, sole, pollock, and shellfish, so Alaska seafood is an environmentally responsible choice.

Alaska Families And Communities
The harvesting and processing of Alaska seafood plays an important role in Alaska. The seafood industry is the state’s largest private sector employer. Each small salmon fishing vessel, for example, is a floating family business, contributing to state and local economies. Alaska’s commercial catch accounts for over half of the USA’s commercial seafood harvest.  
Since 1959, Alaska’s constitution has mandated that fish be harvested sustainably.  Alaska is the only state in the USA that has this written into its constitution.  Fish farms have been outlawed, and every fishery follows strict seasonal and quota regulations.  For years, Alaska’s leadership and dedication to sustainable harvesting and management practices is unsurpassed as demonstrated by both independent Fisheries Management (RFM) and Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certifications.

Whether you are a wholesale buyer or end consumer, seafood from Alaska’s certified fisheries provides documented third-party assurance of responsible seafood sourcing policies.
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