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Mariano Citterio

Mariano Citterio

For me, cooking is based on simplicity: a mix of impetus, love and imagination.

My work reflects the essence of my sustainable vision. My foods are carefully selected each season to create a way of cooking that is respectful and transparent. I choose from the hands of producers who share the same philosophy and understanding.
“More than half of my life in the kitchen.”

I have always believed that the art of cooking comes from the spirit of the people.My duty as chef is to own the history while respecting the legacy  of a universal language: cooking.“To create an idea there must be a base.”

“If we get closer to the origin we will know how to respect it and offer sustainability in every gesture.”

To give shape to ideas by converting them in a gift for the senses.
“A way to express.”

“Experience,honesty and love to the product.”

“Each work is a part of me I can't find a better way to express myself than to give you my best."

“The future of   culinary wealth is based on maintaining the quality of the principal products.”

The traditional cuisine was, in the past, avant-garde cuisine. It was the evolution of humanity which made it become a tradition.
“Technology and new techniques are the tools for reinterpretation.”

We must be able to break our own molds and keep only our values intact.
“We must evolve.”

“The care for detail is my tribute and responsibility towards the gastronomic world.”

“Our mission and duty as cooks.” Our goal in the future must be sustainable to make everything last.

Connecting with its origin and living their environment to reflect them in our humble work.
“The way to respect the products is being part of them.”
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