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In  addition  to      WELCOME N INDULGE
                                                                                      quality commonly-
                                                                                     known    cheeses
                The                                                                mozzarella, the United
               United  States  dairy                                              States is also home to
               industry  is  proud  to                                          hundreds  of  specialty
               return as the official Dairy                                    cheeses.  Ranging  from
               Partner of the World Gourmet                                  European- and  Hispanic-styles
               Summit (WGS) for the second                                to hundreds of American Originals,
               consecutive year. We congratulate                       many have earned awards in globally-
               the  organizers  on  their  impressive  successful   recognized cheese competitions. Whether
               legacy hosting this premiere event for 23 years. We   your aim is to create a fine-dining gourmet menu item or
               also sincerely appreciate the team, including Chef   a casual comfort dish, we are confident that U.S. Cheeses
               Peter Knipp and Co-Founder Dr. Tan Chin Nam,   can harmoniously deliver the desired taste profile
               for their visionary leadership and tireless efforts in   and functional attributes to make it mouthwatering.
               creating such an amazing, epicurean experience.
                                                           Additionally, this year’s WGS shines a spotlight on the
               We, alongside attendees  worldwide, look forward   theme  of Sustainability  in the Gastronomy World.  As
               to  discovering  the  delicious  and  incredibly  awareness and interest of this topic rises in Asia, chefs,
               inventive  culinary  creations  that  the  multi-  customers and consumers can rest assured that the U.S.
               talented chefs, restaurants and culinary industry   dairy industry is fully committed to producing more
               professionals have developed with U.S. cheeses.   milk using significantly less water and land resources.
               We especially enjoyed seeing the U.S. Dairy   We encourage you  to  experience  and  explore the
               Innovative Chef of the Year challenge finalists   craftsmanship, innovation, variety and versatility of
               exemplify  the  versatility  of    U.S.  cheesey  has  no   U.S. cheese. Join chefs and companies throughout
               boundaries in the skilled hands of Asia’s chefs.   Asia who’ve been inspired by this secret ingredient
               Whether used in Western or Asian style cuisine or as an   to transform flavors into something that’s sure
               ingredient for appetizers, main dishes or desserts, local   to  delight  even  the  most  discerning  palate.
               chefs utilize the wonderful—and often unexpected—flavor
               combinations of U.S. cheeses to elevate taste and texture.   We wish all participants another very successful
                                                           and memorable WGS this spring, and hope that
               While  U.S. cheese may seem like a relative   it proves to be personally and professionally
               newcomer to Asia, the United States has a long   rewarding.  May  it  also  contribute  positively
               and  distinguished  history  of  cheese  making,  dating   to  your  restaurant  or  business’  bottom  line!
               back  to  the 1600s  when  the first settlers arrived in
               America. Since then, the U.S. cheese industry has
               built on its rich immigrant heritage, becoming the
               world’s single largest cheese producer and exporter.

                                                                       Dali Ghazalay
                                                                     Regional Director
                                                                 U.S. Dairy Export Council
                                                                (USDEC) – Southeast Asia

                                                                                                     WGS MEnU
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