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Since                                                           industry grow with new        WELCOME N INDULGE
                                                                                Every year, we see the
               inception of the World Gourmet                                members coming into the
               Summit (WGS) 23 years ago, we                              culinary  and  hospitality  field.
               have often thought about what we can                    This industry is full of creativity,
               offer as the host of an event that has routinely   dedication, discipline and most of all,
               outdone itself as a global gastronomic delight. WGS has   patience, and young beginners as well as experienced
               always been about assembling culinary leaders from   industry professionals have to work hand in hand to
               across the globe to exchange ground-breaking ideas   dedicate themselves to their craft, all while maintaining
               and practices, and this year, the focus is on sustainability.   their social awareness to the issues of today.
               Exploring how our eating habits impact the world we
               live in, and finding better ways to sustain the sources of   This is why WGS remains relevant and important: The
               the food we eat, will be instrumental in a better future   responsibility of taking care of our Earth is on all of
               for our descendants.                        us. We have to keep up to date with the matters that
                                                           affect the way we cook and consume. For us to lead
               The WGS Team has curated a list of over 10 Masterchefs   Singapore into the future of gastronomic greatness, we
               from across the globe to showcase their traditions and   need to continue educating and work together towards
               flavours right at our doorstep, so that we can learn more   a future our successors can enjoy. We are providing the
               about how we as an industry can make a commitment   forum for culinary giants to talk about sustainability,
               to sustainability in the global gastronomy scene.   and the seeds of what we sow in the WGS will continue
                                                           to grow and remain strong for future generations.
               The future is now, and as we watch Singapore continue
               its progress as a global gourmet destination, we need to
               develop and encourage the burgeoning young talents
               of the future. We need to demonstrate the qualities
               that make Singaporeans  great hosts: graciousness,
               social awareness, education, and most of all, the
               charisma to entertain our guests.  The message of
               sustainability can be relayed in a similar fashion. We
               can show how Singapore, as a tourism capital, keeps
               up with pending global issues, while not compromising
               the standards that makes us a world-class destination.
                                                                       Tan Chin Nam
                                                                 World Gourmet Summit

                                                                                                     WGS MEnU
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