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For this year’s WGS, I want my colleagues to
                                                                   not just showcase their craft, but be socially
                                                                     aware, and it starts with education.
                                                                      Our aim is to start the conversation
                                                                       on sustainability in our industry. We
                                                                       will be mounting activities such as a
                                                                        forum that will invite experts in our
                                                                        community to  explore  the  topic
                                                                         of  sustainable  eating.  I  would  like
                                                                         to thank people such as Sheryl
                                                                         Torres-Wu, a representative of
                                                                         the Marine Stewardship Council,     WELCOME N INDULGE
                                                                         and  Mr   Kenny  Eng,  former
                                                                         President of the Kranji Countryside
                                                                         Association, for lending their voices
                                                                         and knowledge into the matter.
                                                                        With  a  theme  like  this,  we  must
                                                                       not forget our sponsors who have
                                                                       supported us. We welcome our old
                                                                      friends at the U.S. Dairy Export Council,
                                                                     as well as  new  friends like the Marina
                                                                    Stewardship Council,  whose  support  we
                                                                  could not do without. We embrace our new
                                                                 friends who have lent their support for this new
                                                               edition of the WGS, while at the same time glad for
                                                            the support from our old friends who have longstanding
                                                           relationships with us. I look forward to more years of
                                                           maintaining those relationships and collaborations.
                                              to  the  World
                                              Gourmet      There’s a saying that goes, “Time’s arrow neither stands
                                              Summit       still nor reverses, it merely marches forward.” Singapore
               Welcome (W GS)                              will  always  be  a  culinary  paradise,  but  we  should  ask
               2019. In our 23rd edition, we are here to bring   ourselves what we can do. We should not sit on our
               gastronomic excellence into our sunny shores, while   laurels, but strive to change the global overview of the
               discussing a topic near and dear to me: “Sustainability   culinary and hospitality industry. We hope that this
               in  the  Global  Food  and  Beverage  Industry”.  year  will  set  the  wheels  in  motion  towards  that  path.
               It’s a subject that has been brewing on the horizon,
               and I am gladdened to hear that my industry peers are
               listening. More restaurants are incorporating sustainable
               practices, moves welcomed worldwide. Whether
               through responsible sourcing of all our ingredients, or
               the simple act of reducing the use of plastic straws, we
               are working towards a future where the gastronomic
               industry is ethical and responsible for the world.
               We’ve got a global team working in the WGS 2019
               kitchens this year: Argentina, Australia, Ukraine,
               Hungary, Poland, Scotland, Romania, and the USA will   Bon Appetit!
               be represented by some of our finest. These chefs are
               united in their desire to showcase their national cuisine.
               They also prove that you can follow your passions at
               any age. Chef Shaun O’Neale started out as a DJ whose
               passion for good food led him to Masterchef US Season
               7, triumphantly winning his season. In Singapore, we
               have chefs like Zander Ng, a man whose passion led
               him  to  join  the  first  Masterchef  Singapore,  which  he
               won and is now pursuing full time. Whether you’re a
               gourmet specialist like Csaba Harmath of Poland, or a
               television personality like Romanian Chef Adi Hadean,
               food holds a close and special place in our hearts, and   Peter A Knipp
               our passions to create good food will always drive us.      Principal
                                                               Peter Knipp Holdings Pte Ltd

                                                                                                     WGS MEnU
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