Italian Wine Club

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Italian Wine Club
"A true experience of the finest Italian wine tradition"

The mission of Italian Wine Club is to bring the best of Italian wine artisans to Asia, and most of all the wines we love and usually like to drink. The project was born for those who truly believe in the finest wines from some of the most authentic and original boutique wineries of Italy.

We like traditional wines, far away from any possible standardization: small scale, artisanal productions, respectful of nature and mindful of the environment. Wines that give emotions and pleasures. Rare and exclusive wines in limited production. Real wines, countryman in the most noble sense of the word, food friendly as in the best Italian tradition.

Italian Wine Club. The Selection

The Club wineries and wines have been carefully chosen after years of tasting, visits and personal acquaintance with the producers. For us wine is not like other drinks! At its best it is a sincere companion that can tell you tales of places, peoples and people, that can awaken emotions.

Selection criteria:
  • Agricultural firms that cultivate their own vines and bottle their own wines looking after the entire chain and production process
  • Small artisanal firms, skilled in the production of distinctive, authentic wines that exult the enological traditions of the place, the varietals and the terroir of origin.
  • Firms mindful of nature and the environment in which they operate, able to limit the use of additives and synthetic chemicals also with a view to safeguarding the genuine nature of the product.
  • Firms mindful of vintage and seasonal climates
  • Firms able to tell their own story without deception or mediation every time one of their bottles is uncorked.
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