La Maison du Whisky

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Since it was first established, La Maison du Whisky has never stopped its quest to explore every aspect of the world of whisky. It is a passionate family business built on a foundation of high standards, curiosity and daring. It is with this same insatiability that La Maison du Whisky now explores the world of fine spirits and mixology.

It is with sometimes almost excessively high standards, but also a huge amount of wisdom, that La Maison du Whisky continues its never-ending search for high-quality spirits. To do this, the company always strives for excellence with authenticity and is engaged in constant re-assessment.

At the heart of our activity lies the selection of new products, each revealing an original story, authentic savoir-faire and genuine personality. It is with a deeply-ingrained desire for completeness and exceptionally high standards that samples from all over the world are tasted every day. We also take a great interest in the new trends in drinking when searching for new products. And La Maison du Whisky never forgets the importance of introducing enthusiasts to these various drinking trends

La Maison du Whisky owns four shops: La Maison du Whisky, rue d’Anjou, specialised in collector’s bottlings and whiskies; LMDW Fine Spirits, Carrefour de l’Odéon, the new temple of fine spirits; La Maison du Whisky in Saint Denis de la Réunion and in Singapore. An online shop was also created in 1999:

2,500 independent wine sellers, large retailers such as Nicolas, and the supermarkets Auchan, Carrefour, Casino and Monoprix have all become special partners. A precious distribution network that also includes over 700 cafés, hotels and restaurants. This has meant that in 15 years, thanks to its perfect knowledge of the market, La Maison du Whisky has become the exclusive distributor in France for many of the major names in whisky, including Auchentoshan, The Dalmore, Glendronach, Jura, Compass Box and even Nikka.
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