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It  is  time  for  another  World  Gourmet  Summit  (WGS),   As the industry moves forward, it is very crucial that  WELCOME N INDULGE
               a new exciting leg in Singapore’s gastronomic journey.   the torch be passed down, and I can think of no one
               It  has  been  a  good  22  years  since  Peter  and  I  first   better than the young chefs and industry professionals
               conceived and introduced Singapore’s own gourmet   who  lead  the  gastronomic charge with creativity  and
               festival.  So much has happened ever since, restaurants   dedication. All the best to this year’s finalists, with the
               and practices have evolved, and now Singaporeans   sweat and tears you have poured into your craft, you are
               have  access  to  fresh,  innovative  dining  experiences   all already winners at heart.
               and cuisines from all over the world. Throughout all
               this,  the  WGS  has  not  lost  sight  of  its  initial  mission   As  Singapore  treads  carefully  into  the  latter  half  of
               to assemble culinary leaders from across the globe to   the decade, the weight on our shoulders to perform is
               exchange ground-breaking ideas and practices and lead   quickly shifting to the younger generation, across all
               Singapore’s gastronomic scene forward year after year.   walks of life. Especially so in this industry, the way we
               We are pleased to say that it has consistently delivered   cook and consume is transforming, all influenced by the
               year in year out.                           millennial  palate.  To  truly lead  Singapore  further  into
                                                           gastronomic greatness, we shall have to continue to
               As the industry moves forward, consumers are getting   educate, support, and most of all, place our trust in the
               more and more interested in the makings of their food   young hands responsible for leading our endeavours to
               and the source of their ingredieants. Never before have   greater heights. It is my earnest hope that the World
               the roots of our food been so rigorously scrutinised and   Gourmet Summit will be here to stay for many more
               taken apart. This year’s focus is precisely on the theme   years to come.
               of discovery. We are setting out to discover the roots
               of what we eat, to take dining beyond the food on the
               table and to seek the wealth of meaning beneath every
               epicurean experience.
               The WGS team has worked tirelessly to bring to you
               this year’s theme of “The Discovery WGS”. They will be
               bringing  over  10  master  chefs  from  across  the  globe   Tan Chin Nam
               to showcase their traditions and flavours right at our   Co-Founder
               doorstep. When it came to choosing this year’s line-up,
               we did not pay as much attention to their Michelin stars   World Gourmet Summit
               but rather focus on their raw talent and inventiveness.
               Take the powerhouse Polish chef Artur Moroz for
               example, and the traditionalist Ukrainian rising star
               Yaroslav  Artukh.  Of  course,  we  have  some  big  names
               tagging along too. Among them, celebrated Irish chef
               Kevin Thornton will be making an appearance, along
               with the very first Michelin-starred female Sicilian chef,
               Patrizia di Bennedetto, to shed light on their respective
               cuisines. We should not forget the masterful celebrity
               chef Raymond Blanc. It is going to be a very revealing
               month of good food and wine.
               Shifting our eyes closer to home, the Awards of
               Excellence is returning for its 18th year running to
               recognise some of the very best in the region. I am
               delighted to see younger faces with every new edition.

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